Cowardly Killer

28 12 2011

I promise I won’t be self-serving much longer, but I have started a new blog, the link is

One of my close relatives has been diagnosed with blood cancer, here is my temporary catharsis.

Sneaky little cowardly killer

You raise your axe

But stick a knife in the gut instead

You make me so mad

I see only red

You sip at life

Like it’s  fine wine

Daintily taking your time

You’ll turn someone so robust

Into a dry empty husk

You grow and you grow

You spread and you spread


That’s the word

Such a cruel word should be thought

But never under any circumstances said

For now you remain an enigma

Someday we will find an answer

Until then I damn you to hell

Stupid bloody no good cancer




10 responses

28 12 2011

It is the silent creeping enemy who grows unseen and unwanted. It has stolen away too many of my friends. I hate it too bloody bastard coward cancer! I hope my anger does not offend you but I feel with you and for you.

28 12 2011

You could never offend me and it is good to have you beside me in this battle.

29 12 2011

I just thought that these two poems I wrote out of my personal experiences might help you , and I pray that your relative has a much better out come than my friends they need to be gently push to fight it Cancer hates a positive attitude. Sadly my friend Karen did not try .. and this one shows how I handled a husband who did not want any soft or kind words ( a husband of another friend ) you are both in my prayers hugs! xx

29 12 2011

Thank you, and I am sorry about your friend and your husband. We must stay strong and I will check out the links, thanks again my friend.

29 12 2011

Thanks AZ… easy to visualize your poem…. so hard to come to terms that “what if” .

29 12 2011

I do try to cater to my more visual readers 🙂
And yes it is, but I am hoping for the best!!
AZ aka Andrea aka AndreaNadine

29 12 2011
Vampire Weather

I love how you confront the subject with malice as though it were an opposing being. I feel this one strongly (as I am sure so many of us do). It seems so unfair to be conquered by such a small foe. A triumphant stand! Well done

30 12 2011

It really is, it might just be the one unifying factor that could bring together any culture, race or religion. THanks for your support!!

30 12 2011

Dear AZ, you wrote this beautifully with loving honesty and I, too, can relate. You will be in my prayers and I wish a positive outcome for your relative. I believe there is always hope…I am still on holiday vacation, but sneaking a peek at email…anyway, you are in my prayers~

30 12 2011

Thank you so much!! I will have to tell him that he has the support of so many!
Enjoy your vacation!!!


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