Wanderer’s Tale

19 12 2011

– I was at the mall today and I saw a girl in an old pair of converse.  We were both sitting on benches trying on shoes and I noticed that written on the converse were the words “I Will Never Find My Way Back Home”.  As soon as she walked away, I began to scribble the following poem on the back of a receipt.

I’ll never find my way back home

Forever I shall be in roam

I’m doomed to never rest

My soul constantly put the test

From one town to the next

I’ve been to every continent

Yet still my soul is not content

Uluru I have seen

Everest I have climbed

The Amazon I have braved

Stonehenge I have pondered

The Everglades I have

Desperately tried to save

The Sahara I have trekked

Atop a camel’s back

Nowhere seems just right

For my anchor to be set

Perhaps my standards are too high

To possibly be met

Perhaps a castle in the sky

Would sate my appetite

For adventure and the rare

Perhaps I had no home from the start

For stability I do not care



11 responses

19 12 2011

DOH!! Now I have got itchy feet!! xx

19 12 2011

My intention:) I long walk never hurt anyone willow lol

20 12 2011

Spontaneous and well wriitten as most poetry has its origins in the imagery of a moment or emotion
Enjoyed your writing
Ian aka Emu

20 12 2011

Thank you, it’s interesting the places us poets draw our inspiration from……

20 12 2011
El Guapo

Love the poem, love the inspiration!

20 12 2011

Thank you, I am glad I inspired you 🙂
So glad you dropped by for a visit!!

20 12 2011

I love this and such talented “on the spot” writing! 🙂

20 12 2011

Thank you!! I’ve begun to do that more often, writing on random bits of paper. Poetry is getting to me, I’ve started to occasionally think in verse, no joke lol

20 12 2011

I think that’s great! I started carrying a small notebook in my purse a couple of months ago, just so I could guarantee not losing that spontaneous thought! 🙂

21 12 2011

Isn’t it amazing where one phrase…like a whisper in our ear…can take us?

Enjoy your travels and please continue to share them!

21 12 2011

I will and it’s nuts, even pictures evoke verse from me nowadays

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