Who Am I?

18 12 2011

I am the catcher of stars

The dreamer of dreams

The wandering soul

Who is not quite what she seems

I desire to be

The righter of wrongs

The one who for peace

Tirelessly longs

Everyone I see

Is equal to me

I hate prejudice the most

The bastard has made

Humanity its host

Nature is my friend

I will protect her

To my end

Knowledge is the key

With which I open up

The world around me

I’m the observer

The one who sees all

Don’t worry my friend

I will catch you if you fall

I long to escape

These chains locked by fate

I am a soul who longs to roam

This entire planet is my home

I’m a tad introspective

And occasionally lazy

For all intents and purposes

Call me AZ



10 responses

18 12 2011

I enjoyed that writing , spiritual and insightful
Written by one who understands life and love and the oneness of nature

18 12 2011

Thank you!!

18 12 2011

woo! A to Z bravo I bow to you . Brilliantly written! x

18 12 2011

Haha thank you, I am no artist with paint so I decided to paint a self-portrait with words.

18 12 2011

I am beginning to see the picture. 🙂

18 12 2011

Ah yes, but that is what I want you to think…..that was the tip of the iceberg:)

18 12 2011

I so enjoyed this ‘self-portrait’ AZ!

19 12 2011

Thank you, it seemed a good way to describe myself to this family of poets.

19 12 2011

I love the flow and so beautifully written~

20 12 2011

Thank you!!! xx

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