Teacher of the Year

15 12 2011

I sauntered in to take your exam

I felt oh so prepared

Not jittery, not scared

You handed me the test

I was far too cocky, I must confess

I’d worked on your review all evening long

Six hours of my life, wasted and gone

For your test was not your review

All the curses of this world I place on you

You were teacher of the year

They gave you a star

You’re my worst teacher ever, by far

I studied your review all night long

Six hours of my life, wasted and gone

I could all but hear my grade as it fell

Next semester I will give you hell




12 responses

15 12 2011

Haha, that’s exactly how I felt taking my last final…But 5 AP classes, to me that would’ve been suicide! I took 4, but I split them up between years. 2 my junior and 2 my senior years. Well, I wish you luck and hopefully you have a great break!

15 12 2011

haha thanks, you too!

16 12 2011
The Emu

Wow , bit of anger in there and frustraton
Wouldn’t like to be on the end of your revenge next year
keep smiling girl and remember , dont get angry , get even
Ian aka Emu

16 12 2011

Do not wish ill upon your enemy, plan it. I cannot for the life of me remember where I read that…….

16 12 2011

I think that is a case of too many eggs in one basket?,xxx

16 12 2011


16 12 2011

Hah… know that feeling all to well. Believe it or not I even became a teacher 🙂

17 12 2011

I hope you give out good review sheets……
I want to be a teacher, as well as a marine biologist, and an author.
I admire teachers greatly, they have a direct impact on our society that few others have. It’s a shame they are taken for granted so often.

17 12 2011

I’m so glad I’m not your teacher next semester! 🙂

17 12 2011

Yes, you really should be.

18 12 2011

Sure hope this wasn’t an English teacher you’ve written about… 😉

18 12 2011

No, it was my AP Psychology teacher.


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