Soul Spy

15 12 2011

I sat and watched the world today

I softened my mind till it was naught but clay

So many souls passed me by

Auras now focused under full light

Facades no longer could support a lie

Thoughts and emotions twirled ’round like a kite

Wants and desires like birds took to flight

Spy I was, commiter of a heinous crime

Experiencing feelings that were not mine

So much from these souls there was to learn

For all the knowledge in this world they made me yearn

These souls would be so mad

Is curiosity truly that bad?

I hated to leave but I had to go

I can now however rest in peace

There is hope for humanity, I know

We will one day tear down our walls

We will be more free each time one falls




10 responses

16 12 2011

You truely have a gift. Wow!

16 12 2011

Thank you so much!!

16 12 2011
The Emu

A writing full of emotions of humanity
You are a very insightful writer my friend with much wisdom in your words
Emu aka Ian

16 12 2011

Thank you, humanity has made a habit of evoking emotion from me, and I just capitalize on it.

16 12 2011

How I would to do that as you Say to learn all there is to know, feel everyone’s feelings Fantastical Idea beautifully written xx

16 12 2011

I have always wished that as humans we could communicate via telepathy, it would be so magical.

17 12 2011

Your hope is mine and many others. This is a very powerful well-written poem. Observation brings a writer joy and heartache…but that is what we do, intrepreting even transforming and certainly connecting. You have a special gift.

17 12 2011

Thank you, it seems like people take writers for granted and they don’t realize that words can change the world, and that is what I want mine to do.

18 12 2011

Powerfully & poignantly expressed.

18 12 2011

Thank you, I enjoyed writing that poem because it seemed to justify how nosy I can be 🙂


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