The Dividing Fence

15 12 2011

– I wrote this particular poem at a time in my life when, in retrospect, I was severely depressed. I had no friends and if you have ever been in that situation, it is frustrating beyond belief. My previous school was not exactly one that promoted free thought. To me, the worst thing in this world is prejudice and that is what this poem is about.

The grass is not greener on the other side
Or so they say
Funny what those with silver spoon in mouth and bloated pride
Say as they live life leisurely day by day

It’s not for the other side I long
I only ask to change the direction my wind would blow
And to live my life by the lyrics of my own song
And escape the stupidity of their pompous show

We all try to live our life as we will
And only we can change our course
If only for a moment the world would stand still
And stop the dividing fence at its source

Then perhaps society could coexist in spite
Of the prejudice and suspicion that darkens the light



6 responses

16 12 2011

A profound message and you wrote in beautifully!

16 12 2011

Thank you!! the idea of the fence came to me when reading “Mending Wall” by Robert Frost.

16 12 2011

A wonderful source of inspiration!

16 12 2011

Love the last line… so well stated. I work with people everyday and every time I think I have seen it all something or someone shows me that I have not.

17 12 2011

Thank you, yes humanity holds many surprises for those who choose to observe.

17 12 2011

I’m so enjoying your poems. Yes, I have been there…unfortunately the feeling of being friendless happens still though I am very very much older than you. But then I feel the magic (that you have at your fingertips, by the way) of how creativity can transform something so negative into something so positive and I realize the kindred spirits are out there, though they may be faceless and nameless.

Thank you for sharing this!

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