Unhealthy Obsession

14 12 2011

-My thanks to Jules for the organizational advice.

You are the one I think of late at night

The name I softly whisper in spite

Of how bad you are for me

The key to my self-imposed prison

The telescope through which I see

When I think of you my mind gets mad

When I see you my heart grows glad

Without your laugh I am so alone

I’m a musician and you are my beat

But I get no notes from your heart of stone

To the end of the Earth I would follow

Your lovely words that are so hollow

Your every caress in my memory I have kept

Someday I will move on

Someday I will rip apart this bed in which I have slept

Someday I will no longer live for you

And my love hacked heart will self-renew



13 responses

14 12 2011

Very real.. i feel the pain. As a more visual being , I love the lines ‘telescope through…’ and ‘I’m a musician…’ These lines drove the poem home for me.

14 12 2011

Thank you, it is amazing what love and hate can turn us into, is it not?

14 12 2011

This is such a beautiful expression of love not meant to be~ I am no expert on style, rhyme or such, but so far, I’m glad you found my blog, so I could find yours! Wonderful!

14 12 2011

This was actually only my second attempt at an organized rhyme scheme, I followed the same one used by Frost in “Stopping by woods on a snowy evening”

14 12 2011

You did a superb job!

14 12 2011

Thank you, I just read some of your haikus and they are truly amazing!!

14 12 2011

Thank you, again and I’m glad you enjoyed them! Thanks for taking the time to come back! 🙂

15 12 2011
The Emu

A very poweful and well written words on the emotions of a heart that has felt damage
I wish you much love and happiness in your life my friend , thank you for visiting my space and commenting , keep smiling girl ,
Cheers Emu aka Ian

15 12 2011

Thank you, my fellow writer! May words flow swiftly from your mind and never fail you! Thank you for visiting my world, you are always welcome!

15 12 2011

Thanks for thinking my advice was good enough to follow!

15 12 2011

Advice that betters my writing is advice I am always willing to take!

16 12 2011

OH! we have all been here don’t wait too long for that day wake up and fly! Brilliantly written.

20 12 2011

It is coming, I’m not sure why this even began, and thank you….


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