Friend, I’m Sorry

9 12 2011

Friend, I’m sorry

For all the pain

We’ve given and received

In this pointless game

Please, I want you back

Our connection

It meant so much

I’m over that rift

And I hope you are too

Please pretend it’s spring

And let us renew

Words do no justice

To how much I miss you

What we might have become

Doesn’t matter right now

I want your forgiveness

Just tell me how

A chamber of my heart


When I stopped being with you

Friend, I’m sorry

I want us to talk

Take a long walk

You never meant so much to me

As when we started to pretend

The other was not there to see

AZ to SE




8 responses

9 12 2011

I empathize with this deeply right now.

9 12 2011

It’s a terrible one, is it not? Loves come and go, but true friendship on trees does not grow.
Welcome to my world.

9 12 2011

This is so real I remember a rift grew between a good good friend and myself and the relief when we finally made up after too long ignoring each other! Life is too short and friend are too precious……….. xx

9 12 2011

It’s like my heart is in a slowly tightening noose, I can’t stand it! I walk by him at least three times a day in the hallways at my school and every time the noose tightens.

19 12 2011

This is also a wonderful tribute to your friend and I hope you both can reconcile…I can remember a couple of friends when I was much younger, that this would pertain to….

19 12 2011

We have, it was like having ten tons lifted off of my shoulders.

19 12 2011

Wonderful news, I’m so happy for you! 🙂

19 12 2011

He and I have a very complicated love, but not quite relationship. He’s very protective of me but insists he isn’t interested in dating me, but then he’s quite rude to guys I’m talking with. Sometimes I wonder if a social life is worth it lol


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