Shatter the Wall

8 12 2011

I’d shatter the wall

It’s just so tall

That wall it divides

And secrets hides

Silencing desperate cries

Go ahead

Pretend it’s not there

Keep the damn thing

Out of you hair

Someday it will fall

That monstrosity

Shall crush us all

Invisible, weightless

Of so many faces

The wall of oppression

The wall of hate

The wall of greed

Black-hole hearts it feeds

Just you wait

We’ll shatter that wall

With your help

It won’t be half as tall

There will come a day

When even quarks

Make prejudice look small





6 responses

8 12 2011

Brilliant poem, it flows effortlessly. Too many invisible wall let all get hammers and smash them down.

8 12 2011

Oh the sound when that day comes!

9 12 2011
Vampire Weather

There are so many walls in life that should not be there. An amazing metaphor for feelings and struggles. Great work

9 12 2011

Thank you, sometimes I feel that the walls of many are not nearly as bad as the walls we create within. Though, you could argue that the walls of many are the combination of different people’s inner walls.

9 12 2011

let that day come soon, these walls forbid humanity’s growth.

9 12 2011

If anything they have reduced it.


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