Oh, Wishing Well

8 12 2011

Oh, wishing well

Please do tell

The secrets of those

Whose coins have fell

Who wants to leave

Because small towns

Are so mean

Who longs for love

Straight from

The shining stars above

Who desires escape

From predestined fate

Who wishes to have

A wiped-clean slate

Who calls for something bad

On those who make them mad


What’s that,

Oh, wishing well?

You refuse to tell?

Perhaps I should have dropped my coin

In another well




6 responses

8 12 2011

OH! I love this , we are so nosey, we have to know the ins and outs. You have written a lovely flowing poem full of fun and mischief!! If you get anything out of the other well don’t forget to let me in on the secret!!

8 12 2011

One coin please….just kidding..I ask it everyday but it has yet to sway.

9 12 2011

I never heard of of such a wish!
but it would be a good one. This
is crazy awesome. “Tales from the
wishing well” is a series I’de read!

9 12 2011

Really?! Who’s the author?

9 12 2011
Vampire Weather

Small towns can indeed be brutal. A stunningly intimate picture of emotions. Wonderful

9 12 2011

The wishes of a person reveal more than anything else.


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