The Sky Is Not The Limit

4 12 2011

Why is the sky still the limit

When we’ve already set foot on the moon

The only limit is humanity’s imagination

And skills of cooperation

When we are one people

Not a few hundred nations

We will achieve

Impossible aspirations

We will always be different

But our goals should be the same

And thus prejudice will be rendered lame

Call me an idealist

Of the greatest degree

The cruelty of some people

Ignites a fire in me

Is the unjustness we let slither by

Not unlike mass suicide?




6 responses

4 12 2011
Vampire Weather

Bold and stirring words my friend. I enjoy your strong perspective. Thank you for visiting my realm

4 12 2011

It’s always nice to meet a fellow poet and so glad you enjoyed mine

4 12 2011

One we were all one in the beginning born of so few. Why we have formed ourselves into tribes I do not know. II love your dream it would be wonderful but I feel it is too big an ask!

4 12 2011

Yes, I agree with you. Humans are far too stubborn to admit their flaws. At least most of them.

4 12 2011
S Basu

i fully, fully share all the views you expressed in this beautiful poem. we all are but one, our goals should be same, and our differences should be relished.

4 12 2011

If only everone would realize similarities outweigh differences in both number and importance.


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