Look Up

4 12 2011

-I wrote this mainly as a poem to myself, to help me deal with issues I’m having with my mother but my friend read it and told me how much it helped her as well, so I decided to share it with all of you.

Look up at the sky

You must not cry

Do not let your pride die

Words are worth

Their weight in gold

But words can be sold

For confidence

To make you bold

Sort through madness

And you find sadness

Find pity for the petty

And though you heart hangs heavy

And you eyes have become a tear-levy

You must rise above

And find the love

Behind the words that cut

Always never give up

And with a little luck

When you look up

You’ll look back down

Because that shining-savior-star

Finally fell to the ground





2 responses

4 12 2011

It is a beautiful poem thank you for sharing.

4 12 2011

Thank you!


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