Give Me A Beach

29 11 2011

Give me a beach

Without a single umbrella

No volleyball nets

Or lifeguard towers

A beach with sea oats

And dunes

Of real sand, not bleached white

A wild beach



By humanity’s lust

For the fake

No less than this

Will I take

I want a beach

That is real

Not a postcard

With picturesque

Palm trees

It’s up to you

If you want yours


However, I will always feel

That beaches should be kept real




5 responses

29 11 2011

You forgot those enormouse
enflatable things they anchor
to the sand bars and rent out
for eighty bucks an hour. If you
haven’t seen one, picture a
bouncy castle floating across
the horizion. 😦

Great poem, Great point.

1 12 2011

I know exactly what you’re talking about! I hate those things! I considered sabotaging on once…..

1 12 2011

There was a giant teeter totter with
missing handels when I went to flordia.
People tried to get on by jumping from
the slide, and kept bouncing off of it. I
wondered if there had been fowl play.

7 12 2011

Hear, hear!!!

8 12 2011

I believe that in the end it’s going to be up to the writers to make a difference, whether their medium of communication is verse or prose.


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